Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wild in the Wilderness Part 2

Almost a year ago now I purchased 2 panels of 
Wild in the Wilderness. I made the first one into a wall hanging for my son's birthday and yesterday I finished the second one making it into a quilt for YKW. Both the border prints are animal footprints that are very appropriate for this quilt. When I quilted it I did some thread painting and also tried to make the mountain come to life a little.

Wild in the Wilderness

You can just make out YKW's slippers on the bottom of the photo.  There is a lot of snow on our deck right now so I am unable to go outside to hang the quilt for picture taking.  We had no snow until a few weeks ago and then we got slammed.

Maria finished her Max & Whiskers quilt for her grandson for Christmas.  She added a piano key border to the top and bottom to make it bigger and put cornerstones with the families initials.  Ryan has to try to make words from all the letters and is rewarded when he finds new words.  She used Max & Whiskers flannelette for the backing.

Max & Whiskers


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