Friday, April 5, 2013

Purse Number Three

Spring is in the air, well at least it was a week or so ago, and I seem to be making purses these days.  I had finished this one a week or so ago but I put the zipper in backwards.  I carry my purse on my left shoulder so I like the zipper to open at the front when I have it on my shoulder.  I used the purse once and just couldn't make it work for me so I ripped the zipper out and finally put it back in tonight.  

I designed this purse myself using some of the bags that I had made in the past for inspiration, adding a little bit here and a little bit there.  It has lots of pockets and since I got a new iPhone I made one of the pockets at the front of the bag the right size to drop it into.

You can see there is still a little bit of snow on the ground.
It is starting to melt and when it does I won't miss it.
The fabric is from Henry Glass called Bee Happy.
I thought it was great for a new summer bag.

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