Friday, April 19, 2013

The Placemat Fiasco

We are in the middle of a severe snow storm which is not natural for April in the area of the country that I live in.  We were unable to open either of the doors in our home because there was so much snow.  We have had at least 25 cm, if not more with winds gusting to 50 km per hour which also left huge drifts in the driveway This was our third major snowstorm in April this year.

You can see how deep the snow is and that it was one third up over the bottom of the side door.

This meant that we had a quiet day at home so I spent it in my sewing room sewing up a storm.

The placemat fiasco all began at Christmas when for some reason I counted incorrectly how many people I was having for Christmas dinner.  I had decided not to use Christmas designs or fabric this year so I set about to make placemats and a table runner for my dinner table.  I thought I was having 10 people for dinner and made 10 placemats but because I can't seem to count I was one short.  There were 11 at the table.  Right then and there I decided to make 2 more placemats so that I would have an even dozen and hopefully that would be enough placemats. 

I now have a dozen of these.  This pattern is called Fine Dining.

I also made another purse using a pattern that I used before from my new magazine.  This pattern is called Sweet Pleat.

I made this with upholstery fabric.  The strips in the middle are assorted pieces of upholstery fabric sewn together to make the pleat.


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Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Pretty projects. I like the idea of using upholstery fabric for the bag. It should hold up much better.