Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Some Visitors and Another New Bag

I have had a few visitors this past week.  YKW and our son have gone moose hunting (no luck yet) so I thought it was easier to bring his cats to my house instead of me travelling across town twice a day to feed them and make sure everything was okay at his house.

Buckley sitting on my sewing table.

Banshee is getting ready to sit on my knee while I sew.
She is on my knee right now and it is taking me longer
to write this than usual, with lots of correcting to do
as I go.

The Everything Goes Bag

I bought the pattern from Brenda at the London International Quilt Show
last June when I went down for my grandson's graduation.
You can see more of Brenda's pattern here.
She has a website and a blog with lots of patterns and info.

I found this pattern very labour intensive but there were a lot
of good detailed instructions.
I will only make one change and that is to put a small piece
of Velcro or a snap on the inside pocket that holds
my netbook.  I found that the pocket gaped open when my
 netbook was in the pocket.
I will add that now by hand.
Anyone that sees this bag really loves it, and so do I.
I think I will get a lot of use out of it.


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