Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

I had to take the words from an old song because when I woke up today it was -27 C and the windchill was -37 C and for all you Fahrenheit people that is -15 F and the windchill is -35 F.  No matter what system you use it is just plain cold.

I was able to get some of my quilted items finished for Christmas.  These are for me so I can post them now since I don't want to give away any presents that I am making.

I made 12 placemats so that I wouldn't be caught
short like I was last Christmas when there
were 12 people at our Christmas dinner
table and I only had 11 placemats.

I also made a table runner to match.  This pattern
was in the December/January 2014 
McCall's Quick Quilts.

It is still a few weeks till Christmas and I didn't want to put my best Table topper on our table to I quickly sewed binding on a piece of quilted fabric that I purchased a few years ago.  It does the job and I will put a better one on when I have cleaned the house and decorated it for Christmas.

I picked this piece of fabric up in Newfoundland
when we visited there a few years ago.

Jinny Beyer has lots of free pattern on her website and this placemat is one of them made from border fabric.  

This will be given to Meals on Wheels.  
I made 2 of them and have cut out 2 more.
If this cold weather keeps up they will be made
very soon.

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