Friday, January 31, 2014

Quilt Therapy Time Again

Our Thursday group was very interesting this week.  We had a visitor.  Pierina was in town for a funeral so she spent the day with us.  

Since her machine was in Toronto she couldn't
quilt, so she did some Swedish embroidery instead.

Maria was working on her trees.  This will be a table runner for one of  her daughters.  It is all paper pieced and taking a lot of time because she wants to make them all different.  It means sorting fabric for each one.

She has a lot of Black and White and White and Black
fabric to choose from.  She is doing a 
really nice job of them,  All her sorting and choosing
is paying off.

Joyce is using up some of her left over "Cabin by the Lake" fabric and making placemats.

Adding binding.

All the fabrics in the quilt and table runner.

I am working on a donation quilt.  I added 2 1/4 inch squares to two corners of 4 1/2 inch squares and then I am sewing them together just hap hazard to make it a scrappy looking quilt.

I may put sashing between the blocks, I haven't quite
decided yet.  I like using my scraps
to make quilts.  Everyone is different.

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