Friday, March 14, 2014

Quilt Therapy last Thursday

Thursdays have been fun days these past few years.  Lots of quilting gets done as well as lots of visiting.  These past few weeks it has only been Joyce and me.  Pierina is still away and Maria has been working. 

 Joyce has been working on a quilt that we found last year when we all went to Duluth for some R and R.  The shop had made the quilt without a pattern so I made a pattern for her and then we were lucky enough to find the same fabric in the shop.

All finished.

She had left over fabric because I always tell her to buy more than what you need.  This beautiful quilt will be in her plant room which has a round table for lunches or snacks so she decided to make placemats to match the quilt.

She able to make 6 placemats and added
the green for some contrast and
also for binding and

I have been working on a donation quilt that I call my H quilt.  

This is all made from scraps.
I made H blocks and then turned them so that
I only had the corners to match
and not all the posts and white squares.
It is ready to be quilted.


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