Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have been very busy quilting my latest quilt tops.  I finished my quilt that I started at the Quilt Bee on April 5th.  It is 36 x 48 just the right size for a wheel chair quilt.

Windmills at Night.

I finished making tops from my Magic Stack N Whack.  I thought that if I made one top it would be too big for me to quilt on my own so I put 4 blocks together and made 2 quilts from the 8 blocks.

Quilt Number One

Quilt Number Two

The borders of both quilts are the same colour although they don't look it.  It is black with a swirl in it, and it turns gray when I take a picture.

A few years ago I made an Easter Egg Tree table topper so I decided this year that I needed some placemats to go with it.  I wanted them bright with some of the fabric from the Easter Tree.  The only fabric I had on hand was from the border and binding, so I used it on the placemats.

The center square is from the same line and I also cut the side borders from that fabric.  I fussy cut the center square and then had to scrounge fabric for the side borders.  I had barely enough to make my four placemats.

I also put together a new purse.  Linda G took the Bag Class and asked about making a bag with a gusset for the zipper.  She found a pattern and I said I would give it a try.  It turns out that it is not a true gusset but fabric added to the zipper so it is a false gusset.

I think if I made it again I would make it wider and not as deep. but I am happy with it and have used it a few times already.  Since mine is all one colour it is a little more dressy than the original.


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