Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Hinge Method Continued

I finished putting the binding on my Hinge Method Quilt and the weather was so beautiful I hung it up and took a picture of it.

There was a slight breeze but it turned out pretty good.
The temperature today was 28 C so I had to wait till the sun reached the west so that there was no shadow on the quilt.
I am really pleased with the way this all turned out and thankful for the learning experience.

I also finished 2 bags for the twin quilts I made for Joanne's twin grandsons.  Since the quilts are identical except for the backing, I made the bags to match the backing.  So one is green and the other blue.
I thought the humpty dumpty fabric was so cute for two 4 year old boys.

I like to put the quilts in bags because then the quilts can be stored in the bags or the bags can be used for toys.


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