Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Making Flowers

A year or so ago I purchased a quilt book from the library at our local Quilter's Guild.  I thought it looked interesting and maybe one day I would make one of the patterns in the book.

Muriel brought this project to Possibilities Group a few months ago and it got me thinking that it was time that I made one of the wall hangings in the book.
I had already made an individual flower so it was time to do some serious work.
I went over to Circle of Friends Quilt Shop and purchased some fat quarters Batiks.
You fold the 6 inch squares over and over until they look like this.
Then you continue to fold and tack down the centres.
And you end up with something like this.
I have sewn 4 of them together and still have to make 3 more sets.  I didn't open up all the flowers since the pattern says to wait until the piece is quilted.  I don't know if I will quilt it or not, I will decide when it is finished.
So far so good.

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