Sunday, September 28, 2014

Two Very Talented Quilters.

When I was in California visiting Christine she told me about a quilt that she made but wanted some help with the binding.  She said that it was wavy and asked if I could fix it for her.  I don't consider myself a great quilter but I know how to put binding on a quilt.  When I looked at the quilt, the border was also wavy so I proceeded to un-sew the binding and then took off the borders.  She had white borders and we went to two quilt shops in the area but couldn't find white that matched what she had in the quilt.  We decided to go with black since there was black in the quilt and it matched what she had.  The black also closes the quilt.  I measured the borders through the middle of the quilt so that I squared it up when the borders were added.

That is me holding up her quilt.
She saw a picture on the internet and decided to make a quilt by copying the picture.  She used graph paper and counted the squares to make the quilt exactly as the picture.  I think the black sets the painting off.  I put a hanging sleeve on the back so that she can hang it if she wants.

The other talented brave quilter I know is Pierina.  She has only been quilting for a few years but is willing to take on any task and she also made a quilt with no pattern but just looked at the picture.
Pierina's daughter is expecting her second child and they were both looking at quilts on Pinterest and found one that Teresa liked but it had no pattern.

Elephant Quilt

I am not a member of Pinterest and it won't allow me to search the site so I can't share the link to this quilt.  She took the picture to a copy shop and had the picture enlarged and then copied the quilt.
She quilted it all on her home machine and I am hoping that you can see the detail that she put into it because the quilting looks like the elephant is spouting water from his trunk.  It is appliqued and done in batik fabric.
Pierina also put a hanging sleeve on the quilt so that it can be hung in the child's room or used as a quilt.


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