Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hexagons and More

I made one of these quilts last year and I cut the fabric for this quilt this past summer while I was at the cabin.  These are so neat because you cut half hexagons and match them up to make whole hexagons.

Hexagon Quilt.

I added half white hexagons along two sides and quarter hexagons on the other sides.  Then I decided that I needed a small border on 2 sides only.  I think it is about 38 x 49 inches.  It looks square but it isn't.  Lots of scraps where used in this quilt.

I found this quilt out in cyberspace at the Linus connection and thought that it would make a great scrap quilt, except that the squares were suppose to be 16 inches.  I divided the pieces in half and made 8 1/2 inch squares.  I had to make more squares but I had lots of scraps so it didn't matter.  This quilt is also on Craftsy.  

I have been concentrating on lap quilts about 38 x 50 inches since these are easier for me to quilt.  I have made a few larger ones and since I now know how to use the hinge method I may make them a bit larger.  Dee's Brick Trick was made using the hinge method.  When using this method you can add the borders to your quilt after the quilt is made.  This is great when you finish the quilt and decide that it should be larger so you can add a few borders to accomplish this.  

When I first thought I would make this quilt I chose forty-eight 5 inch squares because I needed forty-eight half square triangles.  After I had them all made I realized that I only needed 24 - 5 inch squares, so now I have another 48 half square triangles that I can use to make another quilt.  I will have to try something different for the next quilt.  I will have to study some patterns and come up with a different quilt.  I may have to add a few since there is a lot of white in this quilt.  

There are so many ideas on Missouri Star Quilt Company if you ever have trouble trying to decide what to make all you have to do is look at a few of the videos.  When she talks charm squares I immediately think scraps.


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