Thursday, February 12, 2015

UFO Challenge

The Program Chairperson at our guild has put out a UFO Challenge.  This is something that suits me because I constantly seem to be thinking about making a new quilt when I already have a dozen or so partially started.  I see a pattern, like it, and then choose fabric and make at least one of the squares.  Then someone (daughter, sister, friend) asks me to make a baby quilt for them, so the quilt that was started is put aside and becomes a UFO.  

I am trying desperately to keep focused and just work on my UFO's and it is working to some degree.  I have also finished 2 door hangings this week and 4 placemats.  No pictures of them yet.

Two of my finished UFO'S

Not Batik Patches

Anyone who follows this blog knows that I have hundreds of 2 1/2 inch squares, so when I found this pattern I had to change it to use up some of those squares.  The pattern is called Batik Patches but since I didn't use Batik I decided to rename it.  I found the pattern HERE

Sunny Chevron

I had made a quilt using 5 inch squares made into half square triangles and these are the leftovers (I made twice as may as I needed for the last quilt) plus a few more added to make the quilt 36 x 48.  When I found the pattern I thought it was ideal to use up some of my 5 inch scrap squares.  The pattern can be found at HERE

YKW cleaned the deck off for me so that I could take a few pictures.  Yesterday it snowed again and hit us with 20 cm. so it was a good thing I took the pictures when I did.


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