Sunday, April 19, 2015

Microwave Bowls

Microwave bowls seem to be all the rage these days.  You can put them in the microwave with a bowl of food inside and then since the food is hot they are easy to remove and hopefully not burn yourself.  You can also microwave the food and then use the quilted bowl to carry the food so that you don't burn yourself.  I have made many items for Lynda and she was at the point that she didn't know if there was anything more that I could make for her.  She had purchased more fabric on her last trip and I made her a winter purse/bag so now she decided that a microwave bowl might be a new idea.

You have to use all cotton when making these since polyester will melt in the microwave, so I used cotton fabric, all cotton batting, and cotton thread.  The pattern is fairly simple but the prep work before sewing them is tedious.  I found the pattern here

There are a lot of patterns out there but I liked Lisa's the best.

Since our Guild Quilt Show is coming up next week I decided to make some for the craft table at the show to sell.

You can see the inside more than the outside but the outside is pottery bowls.

I made three of these for the guild.


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