Monday, June 29, 2015

My Second Anita's Grecian Wrench

Someone asked me once how is it that I get so many quilts made.  I think my secret is that when I decide that I am going to make a certain pattern, I make a kit up with all the fabric cut to size.  It if is 2 1/2 inch squares or 5 inch squares for example, then I pick the fabric and cut it all and anything else that goes with the pattern. I put it aside until I am ready to start a new project and then I just have to pick a kit and everything is ready to go. 

When I made up my kit to make the first Anita's Grecian Wrench I put a lot of green squares in the kit and then decided that I didn't like some of them together so I pulled them out and added different colours to make it scrappy.  So now I had all these green squares and had to decide what to do with them so I just added more assorted squares and made a second quilt.  I like the way there is a secondary pattern when it is all put together.

Anita's Grecian Wrench

I also completed another quilt.  This one is such a simple block called a nine patch.  I then sashed the nine patches and then added white sashing to all the squares.

Sashed Nine Patch

This was suppose to be a larger quilt but since I like smaller lap sized I just made less squares and came up with a 38 x 50 inch quilt.


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