Tuesday, August 4, 2015

More Teddy Bears and Quilts

I have a lot of fun making quilts for my Teddy Bears for our Christmas Cheer Fund.  

I found this rolly polly guy and just couldn't leave him behind.  I thought he was so cute.  This pattern is a disappearing hourglass with the pieces placed in 4 different ways.

This was a free pattern from Wal-mart given to me by one of the ladies at Neebing Needlers.  It is called Pretty in Pink but I had these fabrics with animal prints and matched the quilt to my little aqua penguin.  A good match I think.

My little Christmas Teddy Bear.  When I bought this one my sister insisted that we check to make sure that he had 2 ears.  It is too scary for a little one to get a teddy bear and remove the hat and find only one ear.  I have made this quilt before, and I love the bright colours.  Some of the fabric has animal prints on it.

This quilt is a Sudoku Quilt made with 3 1/2 inch squares so it makes a perfect size for a teddy bear quilt.  The backing has doggie fabric so my little grey and beige dog fit right in with this quilt.

Another Sudoku Quilt made with 2 1/2 squares so I added a border to make it a bit larger and also added dog fabric for the backing.


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cmcleonard said...

They are all so cute!