Sunday, October 18, 2015

Applique Workshop

I have been under the weather, as they say, so I have not been doing much blogging.  I did attend an applique workshop put on by Dori Hopko from Sioux Lookout here in my home town.  She rented a conference room at one of the local hotels and there were 16 of us learning a lot about applique.  She talked about different needles and what to use them for and also gave us a lesson on thread.  We learned about stabilizers and different types of backing for your applique.  Dori also spent time going over the different applique stitches that can be used on a project.

Here is some of the work done that day.

A large selection of different applique techniques.  A great workshop and a lot of information was giving out to the participants.


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cmcleonard said...

I've always admired applique quilts, but they seem very difficult. I tried one square once and gave up. Congrats to all of you who made such lovely samplers at the conference!