Sunday, January 17, 2016

Two New Baby Quilts

We have a doctor shortage here where I live so it was really great to finally get a new Doctor last year.  We are in a small clinic and all the doctors are young graduates with a few years experience.  The clinic has been open for a few years so we are not their first patients.  Our doctor is a female, which I am really pleased about, but the one problem with having a young female doctor is that they tend to have their families when they are young.  In November when I last saw her she told me that she was pregnant.  In Canada pregnancy leave is 12 months but she told me that she is only taking 6 weeks off work so she will be away in February and part of March.

Being a quilter my first thought was that I would make her a quilt for her new baby.  

I made this quilt for Dr. G and then decided that I didn't like it.  I wasn't happy with the way the quilting turned out.  This one will be donated to the guild.

So then I make this one.  The colours are little softer and I left out the cornerstones.  On both quilts I made a green flange because I don't know if the baby is a going to be a girl or a boy and I didn't want pink or blue.  There is no pink in either quilt.

A bag for the baby quilt.

The fabric for the bag is the same fabric that I put on the back of each quilt.  When I buy backing fabric I always buy at least 4 meters and I was glad that I had because I had enough for both quilts and enough to make the bag.  I found a cute green button to match the green of the dinosaurs for the closure. This is an RJR Fabric that I just fell in love with.


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Shoos job Peggy.