Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New Quilt Patterns

I try not to make the same quilt twice because I like to try new patterns and blocks.  

This block starts off with a lot of half square triangles and I was wondering where the double pinwheel was.  It wasn't until after I put the blocks together that you can see the double pinwheel.
The green pinwheel in part of the block and the red one is made
when the blocks are sewn together.
You can find this block at www.pleasant-home.com

This quilt is made with half square triangles.  I just used scraps and a background fabric.
The first border has a gold thread through it and so does the outer blue border.

I found this pattern at www.cluckclucksew.com

This is a quilt that I always wanted to make and I found a pattern to make it scrappy.  I didn't use as many scraps as the pattern called for, instead I put extra white squares for some of the scrappy ones.
Her website is 3and3quarters.net.  There are lots of new blocks and videos on this site.


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