Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 20 th 2016 what a day!!!

We were heading to Halifax today from Sydney to spend a few more days there before flying home.  The day started out a little off because I couldn't find the car keys.  We had all the suitcases down at the car ready to load them and the keys were no where to be seen.  We took the bags back upstairs and started going through my suitcase and we found them.  I have been keeping the keys because Lynda seems to lose them all the time.

We got on our way and headed for the quilt shop that was on the way to Halifax.  When we pulled in the large sign in front said that the shop was closed on Mondays from  May to August.  Their website and Facebook did not mention this.  We were a little upset after going out of our way to go there.

We started off again for Halifax and turned onto a road that we thought would take us back to the main road.  It didn't.  We continued on and went from one bad road to the next.  We were doing well until we hit a pot hole and heard a bang.  We had blown a tire on a deserted road.  We hadn't seen another car for quite awhile.  We decided to start walking and we heard a car coming.  It was a truck with a middle aged man who said he would change our tire for us.  When he started I really felt that we would never have been able to accomplish that ourselves.

He directed us to a small town called St Peter"s and to OK Tire.  Mike checked the tire and said that it could not be fixed and no one in town had a tire that would go on our car.  He could order one but it would take 24 hours at least to get a new one.  He suggested we drive back to Sydney and get Enterprise to swap out our car for a new one.  We drove on a donut tire at 80 km an hour.

Well that didn't work either.  When we got back to Enterprise in Sydney they had no vehicles and said they would order a tire and we would be on our way tomorrow.  So back to the hotel we just checked out of.  

I called home to let YKW know where I was and find out that he had fallen in the garden when he was finishing up and broke his wrist.  What else could go wrong.

It didn't take long because on Tuesday when I called to find out when we could get our tire replaced we found out that the garage forgot to order our new tire.  Enterprise said they had a vehicle returning today so we could have it and be on our way.  After 1 pm our car arrived.

We grabbed a quick lunch and were on our way to Halifax.  We finally arrived at 6 pm just in time to have dinner and pack for out flight home tomorrow.



cmcleonard said...

What a day. I'll say! Reminds me of when you were in London and had your train tickets stolen. Glad everyone was so helpful and kind.

Anonymous said...

Hope you made it home ok