Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Taking Emma Home

I returned from taking Emma home on Monday, tired and happy to be home.  It was a long day as I had to sit in the airport for 4 extra hours because of mechanical problems.  I wouldn't have minded getting on that plane as I found out later that it was my son that fixed it.

When I got home my newly repaired car was waiting for me. It has that new car smell and is all fixed good as new. It took 2 weeks but it was worth the wait. I had a nice 2010 Escape that had many features that mine didn't have but I still like mine best.

I finished 2 more water bottle holders since I returned home.  One is for my daughter-in-law and the other for her mother.  The photo shows them as different sizes but if fact they are the same size.  I hope they like them.

I have to make myself a new purse for my trip to Ireland as the zipper opens the wrong way on the one I had planned to take.  I will look for some fabric to match some of the clothes that I am taking.  I'm sure I will be able to find some in my stash, all I need is the time to make it.  Four weeks tomorrow we will be heading to the Emerald Isle.


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