Monday, July 26, 2010

This is a stain glass piece that my sister Lynda made for me.  It is called a Celtic Trinity Knot.  She started doing stainglass a few years ago but put it aside for a while and then just recently she got back to doing it again.  She has made a few large pieces and seems to enjoy it.  It is certianly a beautiful hobby, a lot like quilting, because you are designing and making something of your own creation.  Nice work Lynda.


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cmcleonard said...

Very nice. Yes, I’ve always thought stained glass and quilting are a lot alike. (I used to do both). You start with precise plan comprised of lots of pieces and transfer the smaller pieces to your material. You can’t jump ahead, or work out of sequence, but have to continue in a logical manner, keeping the big picture in mind. Both are great for mental well-being as you have to focus on your art, not on your troubles.