Saturday, August 21, 2010


We arrived in Ireland on Friday around 10am to beautiful sunshine.  It wasn't hard to find the bus into the city just had to look around a bit.  We got off downtown and had to get a second bus, within minutes it started to rain and came down like gangbusters.  We walked to the hotel in drizzle and then the rain stopped.  We checked in and the nice young lady at the desk asked if we would like some tea and a scone.  I have never tasted anything so delicious.  It was spread with whipped butter and raspberry jam and it melted in your mouth.  After a short nap and freshening up we went out for the afternoon and evening.

There was no more rain just a cool breeze.  We had decided earlier to go on "The Literary Pub Crawl", so glad that we did not miss it.  Two actors did skits about the Irish authors and playwrights and then toured us around a 6 block area stopping at 4 pubs and Trinity College.  Very interesting and lots of fun.  There were about 35 people in the group, young and old.  At the end there was a quiz and Lynda won a t-shirt for getting the most correct answers.  I gave her the answer to the last question:  Which Irish author also won an Oscar?  It was Shaw.

We are doing the hop-on-hop off today and stopped at the internet cafe so that we could let everyone know that we are fine and having a great time.


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