Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cotton Theory Tablerunner

When we were in Kenora I just had to visit the local quilt shop, Quilt Corner, to look at fabric.  I couldn't walk out with out buying some and I had the Cotton Theory in my mind.  Just look at the beautiful fabric I picked up.

On Thursday last week I finished the Cotton Theory Tablerunner but didn't have time to post a picture so I will do it now.  I hope you can see how it is constructed - in pieces and then sown together.  The pieces are attached using a folding method called One Way Streets and The Highway.  It isn't perfect but it is my first one so I'll get better with the next and subsequent pieces.

The green side is the back of the runner.  This way of quilting makes the runner reversible. 

And you work with small pieces rather than with one large piece that is hard to handle.  Each pieces is quilted and then sown together.  A lot of thought has to go into how you are designing it and what colours you want to put together on each side.  It is was fun to make.


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