Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting ready for Valentine's Day

This is a pattern I have wanted to make for a long time but couldn't find the fabric I wanted to use until recently.  The original pattern showed the background as white with black and pink and red hearts but I think my red background with pink hearts shows the hearts better.  The pattern is called "simply hearts" and it came from Cottage Quilt Designs .  I made 2, one for my daughter and one for me, and I also plan on using the pattern to make matching placemats.  I have them designed and cut as a kit and will get them done before February 14th but I have some other things I want to try first.  I have a pincushion thread catcher half made.  It seems I can't be making just one thing, my brain takes off and I end up going in another direction.

The quilt my sister calls Kakabeka is ready to be quilted also, so I will starting that in the near future.

I have it sprayed and I let it dry overnight so now I have to decide just how I will do this.  I am not good at free motion quilting so I may just do some stitch in the ditch or out lining the stars.  Big decisions to be made.

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