Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm not a happy camper

Before we went away at Christmas time I took my sewing machine in to be cleaned and maintained.  I take it in once a year when I know I won't be sewing.  It is a Babyloc Quilter's Choice.  I really like my Babyloc and would recommend it to anyone to purchase one if they are looking for a new machine.

I picked it up on December 30th and brought it home only to find that it wouldn't start.  I tried everything, from turning it off to pushing all the buttons.  The machine can be operated without a foot pedal and that is how I like to use it so I decided to plug the foot pedal in and it worked but not the way it was suppose to.   So back to the store today (since they have been closed over New Years) and the serviceman couldn't fix it while I waited.  So here I am without my good machine.  I still have my old White sewing machine but am very limited in what I can do.  That is why I bought a new one 2 years ago.

I hope it won't take too long to get it back.


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