Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Fabric

Of course I had to purchase fabric from some of the out of town vendors at the Quilt Show. 

I really like this table topper pattern that I have had for a long time from Pieced Tree Patterns.

I have only made this pattern once,
 but these new fabrics will be used to make it again.

This is the Table Topper that I sent to my
sister for her birthday. 
She saw it on the slide show and admired it
 it is hers.

Here are the new fabrics I purchased.

I just love the colours here

Already kitted up and ready to be made.

These Iris's were calling out to me to be purchased.
I saw them on the first day
and went back on Sunday
just before the
Show closed.
I just had to have them.

Whenever I give a gift I make a bag for it instead of buying
paper that just gets thrown away.
The cats on this bag look like Farouk, Christine's cat.

The bag pattern isn't fancy
but the bag is great for
groceries or just


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