Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Snow Chateau is finished and O Canada

I received this kit for Christmas
and was finally able
to start working on it in March.

I finished quilting it yesterday.

The Kit contained 2 centre panels because you had to
be careful how you cut the pieces.

Note how the picture flows from the right
and from the left.

The rocks also run horizontal and vertical. 
It was tricky cutting them
you had to cut them across the width
across the length of the fabric.


This pattern is one that was developed
by our local Quilt shop.

I have made it before and now this is a

I like to display mine on May 24th week-end which
we celebrate here in Canada as Victoria Day Week-end
in honour of Queen Victoria.

I also like to hang it on my door in July to
celebrate Canada Day which is July 1st.


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Anonymous said...

Peggy I really like that Kit!