Saturday, June 11, 2011

Finishing things

I have finished 2 Table Toppers and a quilt this past 3 days.   YKW is out of town at the cabin planting his garden so I have been hard at work quilting.  I have the binding to sew on yet so I won't post pictures till that is finished.  Probably within the next few days.

I do have one finished project.

This is made from upholstery fabric that was given to me a few days ago
at a quilting group that I started attending.
There were lots of ends of fabric that the supplier
was throwing away so I managed to take
a few pieces.

Really nice to make bags out of. 
It is lined with a silky lining
that is almost drapery material.

Very different to work with, 
so I lined it with
fusible interfacing to give
it some stiffness,
otherwise it would just
flop over.

It also has a quilt inside it
so it looks a little wonky.


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