Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The borders are on the Twister

I was able to put the borders on the twister quilt today.  It has been very hot here around 33C with a Humidex in the 40's so I have been spending time in the basement in the air conditioning and doing lots of quilting.

Now I have to find some backing
and then it can go to the
long arm quilter.

It is 69 x 83



cmcleonard said...

I still think that's an amazing technique. Reminds me of the toy pin wheels we had as kids.

You are lucky to get into the nice basement during the hot weather. It has been hot here, too, (Norhern California), but I am also very lucky in being able to escape the heat - our little window air conditioner is literally a life-saver. A brek in the heat is on the way for you in the next 5 days or so.

cmcleonard said...

a break in the heat