Monday, July 18, 2011

My Second New York City Cushion Cover

I finished the second cushion cover of the New York City fabric.  It is a little different than the first one.  Colleen purchased white subway fabric so we put that in on the front.  The back is made envelope style so that it can be taken off the cushion if necessary.

I also finished the luggage tags that I started a few weeks ago for my grandchildren.  They don't travel a lot but I thought it would be nice to have something personal when they do.

Cats for the girls and bears for the boys.



Deb said...

The luggage tags are great! Is that your idea or did you find it on the internet? I don't travel much, but my son will be flying next summer and I would love to make him personalized tags.

cmcleonard said...

I like the tags very much (as you know), but the cushions are really wonderful. The fabric is perfect.