Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 4 in St John's

We have been very busy these last few days.  YKW was at his meeting while I was out visiting quilting stores.  There are at least 3 nice ones here in St John's and I made sure that I helped the economy here.  One shop had so many kits that it was hard to decide what to buy, but it didn't take me long.  One really nice purchase was some fabric of Newfoundland.

Puffins, blueberries, rocks, sea gulls, and moose.

So now I have to decide what I am going to make from these lovely fat quarters.

It has been very cold and raining here since we arrived.  The temperature hasn't gone above 12C.  We took a walk downtown and one of the very prominent things about St John's is the houses.  There are a lot of them side-by-each and all painted different colours.

We did get to Cape Spear which is the furthest point East in North America and saw the whales in the ocean.  It was very foggy but we did get to see them and I got a picture.

You can just barely see them

Cape Spear, Newfoundland


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Quilting Queen said...

Hi Peggy...looks like things don't change much in St. John's..lot so fog and friendly people...