Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 5 in St John's Newfoundland

It was a beautiful sunny day here yesterday so we started out early and walked along Duckworth Street to do a bit of shopping and browsing.  We ended up at Velma's on Water Street for lunch.  It is a local, very popular restaurant.  We had pea soup that was so thick a spoon would stand up in it.  Extremely delicious.

From there we went to the Newman Wine Vaults which told the story of bring port wines to Newfoundland from Spain.

Inside the Newman Wine Vault

YKW had called the Senior Centre back home on Sunday and had set up an appointment to contact them via the Amateur Radio Station VO1AA on Signal Hill at 3:30 pm, so from here we set off for Signal Hill.  It was a clear day and we saw whales again on the surface of the ocean.  

Radio conditions weren't the greatest but they did make contact with the station back home so there were 2 happy Ham Radio Operators.

With the President of the RAC


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