Monday, August 22, 2011

New Purses for Paris and London

This year my big trip is to Paris & London.  One of my sisters and I have been going to Europe every year for the past 4 years now.  The countdown is on as we leave on Saturday.  I will fly to Toronto and meet her there and then off to Paris for a week and then onto London for another week.

I really like clothes and accessories to match so I had to make 2 new purses to take with me on this trip.  Everything I am taking is either hunter green or an olive green so I had to make some new purses.

We wear our purses under our clothes and then carry what I call a day bag with an umbrella , a bottle of water, camera and small essentials for the day.  The only valuable thing in this bag is my camera and it usually ends up around my neck.

The fabric doesn't match because I made the Sew Sweet Satchel first and then decided that I needed a new day bag as well.  

The strap is long enough to go
across your body.
I have 2 zippers, one on the inside and
one on the back.

I really like this pattern that I found here for the Dandy Bag and I have made it many times with a few variations. It is an easy to follow tutorial and cute bag.

I have a small pouch hanging
off of this bag, it is for
my sunglasses, so that
they don't drop down too far
and get scratched.

I found the pattern for it at Studio Kat Designs
It is called a Roly-Nester.

I also put pockets and a zipper
into my Dandy Bag.
No purse is complete with pockets
and a zipper.


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