Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday in Paris

Had a great day today. We took the RER train to Versailles and spent most of the day just looking at the ornate furnishings. Palace overload. Lunch at McDonald 's haha. Found the quilt shop again but now she is closed till September . So went to Sacre Cour basilica.
A beautiful church high on a hill where you can see the whole city from the grounds. We found another fabric store called Marche St Pierre . They had 7 floors of fabric but only a small corner of quilting cotton. In France it is called "Patchwork". If you say quilting they don't know what you mean.

I picked up some fabric for a class I am taking in September called Fabulous Fractures. I bought a metre of large print and 2 - 1/2 meters of contrast.

I got Luci's email last night and it was perfect timing for shopping in Paris.

We haven't found an Internet cafe yet so I using my iPod and can't figure out how to upload pictures.
I will put some on when I get back home to a computer.

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