Thursday, September 1, 2011

The quilt shop was open, The Rouvary

Quiet day today. We slept in and had fresh croissants with cheese for brunch. We then went to the left bank again and the quilt shop was open. I bought 2 fat quarters of her fabric line " romance of Paris" for 5 euros each, that is $7.50 each. I will have to be sure make something with it, maybe a cushion. When we were leaving she kept handing us rolled up pieces of fabric. Some were fat eights and others smaller, it made up for the expense of the fat quarters. The fabric was very expensive but I think worth it. Then we took a free tour of the left bank by a student from the university. A good day.

I will post pictures of all the fabric when I get home.

When we got back to the hotel we spotted a laundromat so now we have clean clothes for another week.
Tomorrow we are taking the train to Vimy Ridge the sight of the Canadian war memorial from the first world war.


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