Saturday, December 10, 2011

I've gotten very brave.

As a young teenager I learned to sew many years ago on my mother's treadle sewing machine.  My sister Frankie and I bought our first machine when I was 16.  We worked on week-ends and saved our money so that we could get a new machine.

Over the years I have made many articles of clothing for myself and my children and often think of that first sewing machine.  When my children were young teenagers I gave up on sewing clothes since they was not the in thing to wear.  I did a little mending on the machine and sewed a few things but slowly the machine was put aside. 

Since I took up quilting a few years ago I have gotten braver and this past week I made new curtains for my kitchen.  My window is 6 ft long and very narrow.  Any curtains that I purchase have to be re-made so instead of buying curtains I purchased 4 metres of lace fabric that could be altered to make new curtains.

4 metres of fabric

I was making a cafe style curtain.
The fabric was 24 inches and I only
needed 18" so instead of cutting the eyelets off
where the curtain rod went through,  I folded it back
6" and then folded it back up again, to make
the top.

I then sewed down both sides of this new
top piece.

My new curtains.

I also made a few new placemats.

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bettyp said...

Love the new curtains !! You did a great job on them !!!!