Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 1 in Washington

We were up early today to see the sights. We walked down Pennsylvania Ave to the White House. We couldn't get close as we didn't have a reservation. We could take pictures outside the gate. From there we walked to the war memorials. 

 First stop the WW II memorial where they had a VE day celebration on the weekend. There were wreaths there to honor the fallen. Then we walked along the reflection pool to the Lincoln Memorial. That statue is really huge. From there we walked to the Vietnam Memorial Wall. It is a long wall with all the names of the fallen . They are not in alpha order but in order of when they died. You could hear a pin drop here. We went the Smithsonian but didn't find the Jeffersonian. Then it was on to the National air and space museum. I took lots of pictures and will try to post from my IPod but I don't usually have much luck. 

World War II Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Mercury Spaceship

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