Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday on Washington

We started out today for the White House and arrived on time to see a helicopter land to pick up the President. From there we walked to the Martin Luther King Memorial. A giant statue of a giant man. 
Martin Luther King

It was just a short walk to the FDR memorial. This is a very well spread out memorial with a lot of famous quotes from him along the walls. It is all out In the open air. 
Lynda lined up to collect the dole.


 We then took a cab back to The Old Post Office Building and took the elevator up to the tower to look out over the city. We had lunch here with a million school children. Then it was on to the Catholic University of America. We were heading for the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception . This a massive church with 2 levels of altars and chapels as well as the main church. We took the metro back to the hotel for a rest and a beer before dinner. Tomorrow I hope to see the space shuttle. Peggy

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