Monday, July 2, 2012

Some Unwanted Visitors

Shortley after dinner time yesterday YKW was looking out the deck doors onto the garden deciding if he was going to water the vegetable garden and called me to come quick. 

The sun sets here around 10pm and this was early evening which is a strange time for these visitors to appear. 

 I thought they were noctural animals but I guess not.

Momma Skunk
Her 4 little ones were out there too
but they all scurried when they heard
the click of the camera.

A few minutes later she was back again.
Not shy at all.
Foraging for grubs.

YKW decided to water the garden
and shot water at the shed hoping that they
would stay under there until he was finished.

Now we have to try to get rid of them by
trapping them or using something
to send them on their way
somewhere else.

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