Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lynda's Birthday

Now that Lynda's birthday has past and she has received her gift I can post some pictures.  She really likes roosters so I finished using up the fabic she purchased when we were in Lake Tahoe last November for Christine's wedding.  I had already made her placemats out of the this fabric so I thought a table runner would be the next logical thing.

There was one rooster block left
and I didn't have too hard
of a time deciding what
to do with it.
Everyone who gets a gift from me
also receives a bag so
a new bag it was.
I found this grey/black fabric
and thought it
complimented the bag really well.
I put a zipper in the bag also and pockets
so now it has lots of uses.
I am happy that she was really pleased with both.


LyndaC said...

Thank you Peggy, I love them both. The bag is going to Potugal with me.

LyndaC said...

171That would be Portugal