Thursday, August 16, 2012

Retreat Time And Some More Blocks

The Quilt Therapy Group needed a little bit of therapy so we decided to have a 3 day retreat.  It was held in Joyce's beautiful sun room this year and we all accomplished a lot of work and even went shopping one morning for more fabric.

Pierina was working on making pumpkins.

Four delightful Pumpkins

Three more and a little bit of decoration on 2 
of them.
She also made placemats to match but
I didn't get a picture.  I will
on our next therapy day, next week.

Joyce is making a purse.  The fabric could be summer or fall so it isn't too late to get started on it.  She picked up this beautiful fabric in Duluth when we were there in late May.

Lovely fabric

Joyce is quilting the inside of the
black flowers with black thread,
and then filling in some of 
the lines around the white and black

Maria has made 6.5 inch squares that she will
add to a wall hanging.  They will
become pockets on the wall hanging for 
baby essentials.

She appliqued a heart on the top.
This wall hanging is for a niece who is
expecting her first child.

I was working on some doll quilts.
They came out a little larger then
I thought but they will be great.

Doll Quilt number 2

The borders are different and that will also
be the backing and binding.
These little doll quilts are for Toys for Tots
 and are given to less
fortunate little ones for Christmas with a
Teddy Bear wrapped in them.

I have also made up more blocks from my BOM quilts.  I'm a little behind but catching up slowly.  Summer is such a busy time that it is hard to keep up, but with summer winding down I will be up to date in no time.

Morning Glory Designs

Letter O and Old Oak on Point

In Colour Order August Block.

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