Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A New Year of Quilt Therapy

Tuesday was Quilt Therapy day. It was a small group if you consider two to be a group. It was Pierina and me today as both Joyce and Maria were busy. Pierina and I went shopping for fabric last week so she started her new quilt today. She is doing the Craftsy Block Of The Month from last year.  

Block Number 1

Block Number 2

I was working on framing my roosters for Lynda's quilt.  I was able to finish them all and now I have 10  framed and I am ready to start on making the blocks.

I am making some of them with red frames and some with blue frames to match the fabric in the blocks.

I was also able to make some of my piano key border for my
Cranton Village Quiltworks BOM.  I also called this
Blogger Block of the Month.


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