Saturday, January 5, 2013


I saw this UFO-to-go a few months ago on Riley Blake Designs and have been waiting for the pattern. A short time ago it was posted on the website.  You can find the video HERE.  This is a great idea to transport blocks that you haven't sewn together yet but have then arranged the way they should be sewn together.

The outer fabric is laminate so the blocks don't stick to the fabric when it is rolled up but stay stuck to the batting and felt instead.

Blocks can be tricky sometimes getting them arranged in the proper order and then something comes up and you have to put things away, so this Portable Design Wall or UFO-to-Go will be very handy.

All tied up with the blocks inside.

The UFO-to-Go opened up
with blocks inside.
This one is large enough to hold a
14 1/2 inch square.
I usually make blocks between 6-12 inches so this will be useful for me for any size of block.


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