Monday, February 18, 2013

OH NO.........I ran out of fabric !!!

I have one more border to put on this quilt and I have run out of fabric.  The quilt is my own design and I did all the calculations using my app on my Ipad from Robert Kaufman fabrics called "The Quilter's Little Helper".    It told me that I needed 7 strips for the third border and I am an inch short.  I guess my sewing is a bit off somewhere.  So I am off to find more fabric tomorrow.  I also wanted to do the binding in red so I hope there is at least 1 metre in the store.

If I can't find the fabric I think I will put a new seam
on to the sides of the quilt to shorten 
the width and hopefully
that will make up for the 1 inch that I am 
short on the top and the bottom.

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