Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Teddy Bear Quilts

Every Christmas our Guild makes Teddy Bear Quilts for Christmas Cheer Fund.  The bears are donated or you can buy one and make a quilt for it.  Two of my bears were donated and the black puppy I purchased at Kohl's.  This is a task that has to be done so I like to get it started and finished in good time.  

I used fabric with paw prints on it and the backing 
and borders is cute dogs to match
the little black puppy.

This is another half hexagon quilt.
These quilts are so fast to put together and I had
quite a bit of children's fabric scraps
so I thought it was a good chance to use them up.
The binding and the backing is care bears.

This was a pattern for a doll quilt that I got off the Internet.
It was done in reds but I found some light and dark
mauve to match the little purple bear.
The background is purple penguins.


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cmcleonard said...

What wonderful projects and so cute! I was hoping the dog was real.