Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer Will Soon Be Over

I say that summer is almost over when today it is 30 C here in town, but it is only 2 weeks until school starts and things get back to a routine.  We thought summer was finished a few weeks ago when the temperature never got above 17 C.  So glad that we are having a few more warm days again.

We spent the last 4 days at the cabin doing a bit of work.  We always need firewood because of the precarious temperatures so we got a truck load and then had to unload it and stack it.

Almost empty.

Stacked, ready for the fall.

The garden up there is really growing and somethings are doing better than the garden at home.  We have ripe tomatoes at home but no beans or peas.  YKW picked peas last weekend and lots of beans and more peas this weekend from the garden at the cabin.

YKW in his country garden.

Yesterday we had time to pick blueberries.  Between the 2 of us we picked almost 4 litres over an hour and a half.  We had to drive about 16 km to a great blueberry patch and we were not disappointed.

This is my second 4 litre pail.  We picked another
one a few weeks ago when Lynda
was with us at the cabin.  
Lots of Blueberries for the winter.


Anonymous said...

Hey you - I picked berries with you when I was there. I think I deserve a little credit.

Peggy said...

I updated this post to give Lynda credit for picking blueberries. It is a hard task so I should give her credit.