Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Neat Placemat

I get a newsletter from Jinny Beyer and she always has something interesting to show and talk about.  This month she was showing how to make a placemat from border fabric.  I have some fabric that isn't border fabric but all stripes that could be used as border fabric.  When I see a new pattern sometimes I just have to try it.  So I did.

It is made with templates but I think next time
I will use freezer paper to cut the sections.
You can find the pattern HERE.

I have made a few new purses lately so I decided that I needed new matching tissue holders.

Three new Kleenex holders.
These are called Ahhtishoo!! Travel Tissue Cover.
You can find the pattern HERE
They only require 2 fabrics and no bias binding.
One fabric is longer than the other and that
makes the trimming after you
sew them together.


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