Thursday, November 7, 2013

Some New Toys

On my last trip to Southern Ontario and visits to quilt shops I picked up a pattern called "Caddy Pad" it is from Sisters' Common Thread. It is an iron tote and ironing pad all in one.  It opens out into an ironing surface.  The Heat-Resistant Lining comes with the pattern.  I had a lot of fun making it and now have a neat way of carrying my iron when I go the a quilt bee or sewing meeting.

It is true quilters fabric with thread and needles on it,
and it says "A Passion for Patchwork".

I also tried my hand at making some new mug rugs.  The pattern is from the Winter Issue of Quilter's World.  They are called Cuppa Coasters.

I think they are nicer than the usual rectangular ones that are quite popular.


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