Saturday, April 5, 2014

Annual Quilt Bee

Today was the annual quilt bee for our Guild.  There were over 40 women there this afternoon.  I found out also that they call it a quilt bee because of all the B's in quilting.  There are borders, binding, backing, batting and that makes a lot of B's.

This was part of one room.

There was a second room where some of the ladies were quilting tops that had been made at a previous bee. 

Shirley quilts all her quilts on a regular machine so she was showing us how it was done.

This was the design she was making.

There were a lot of different quilt tops made today.

These Jelly Roll quilts were all made from strips cut from yardage.
One of the gals did all the cutting and put the colours together for these quilts.
She did a fantastic job.

Wonky Stars were made in Cindys group.

Rail fence was made in Karen's group.

Pat uses fleece as backing with no batting in the sandwich.
Maria also put fleece on the back of her quilt.
These quilts are very soft and pliable.

I was making windmills at night.

There were also lots of other quilts finished today.

It was a fabulous day with lots of quilts made to be donated to the Local Hospital and Homes for the Aged.


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And B for beautiful!